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  1. Massively insulting other players is not allowed. No blatant personal attacks will be tolerated.
    If you violate this rule, an admin will give you a warning first, should you still not watch your language, the admin may ban you for an undetermined amount of time.

  2. Racism will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from all Zulu servers.

  3. Don't mic-spam, voc-spam or chat-spam. If you spam too much, an admin may mute you, ban you from the chat or vocalize gag you.

  4. Offending nicknames are not allowed. If you don't change your name yourself, an admin may rename you to their liking.
    If your name insults another player directly, you will be permanently banned according to rule 1.


What do you mean by “massive insults”?

Massive insults are all insults except for “idiot” or “noob”; and especially insults that focus on the origin, sexuality or gender of the victim, for example 'bitch' or 'fag'.

What do you mean by “banned for an undetermined amount of time”?

This means that an admin will decide freely how long you should be banned.

In-game behavior – Teamplay

  1. Team Killing is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

  2. Looting is only allowed if the affected player has allowed you to do so. The only exception is: You may loot if you're playing on expert difficulty, because it's very likely that you won't have the time to go back and get the stuff later.

  3. Grave Robbing/Griefing is not allowed.

  4. Share your medkits and pills with other players. It's not allowed to heal yourself while other players might need the healing more than you. Example situations for this are:

    (a) You are slow (yellow health) and you've got a medkit and pills. A Tank spawns and a fellow player is slow, too. Now, you can heal the other player and take your pills instead.

    (b) A player is black & white, while you're not. You should heal them.

    (c) If there are not enough medkits for everyone, don't heal yourself while you're in green health.

  1. Rushing is not allowed! Stay with your team. Be aware of what your team is doing at all times. Wait for everyone before starting panic events.

  2. Stay together, work as a team. Playing solo is not tolerated here. You can act like Rambo elsewhere.

General in-game behavior

  1. Don't hide from the Tank in the saferoom.

  2. No cheating (Aimbot, Wallhack, etc.), glitching or bug abuse. This includes using map exploits. Cheaters are banned permanently.

  3. It's not allowed to glitch the Tank.

  4. If you ignore admins, you'll be kicked. If you insult admins, you'll be banned for an undetermined amount of time.

  5. If you claim to be an admin when in reality you're not, you'll be banned.


What's “Looting”?

You take the stuff of a fallen comrade.

What's “Grave Robbing/Griefing”?

You kill somebody to take his stuff from his corpse.

    Text (c) knäckebrot -ZuluE-